Special Offer on 75th Independence Day!

Get our Poultry Raking Machine – HERO @ special offer of just INR 67,299 47,299/- only

Award-winning innovation that solves Litter Raking problem efficiently

  • ✅Keeps litter dry by reducing the moisture level significantly
  • ✅Creates a healthy environment by reducing ammonia formation
  • ✅Rakes faster with minimum efforts
  • ✅Low maintenance cost
  • ✅Return on Investment in 4 batches* Watch ROI video

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A Profitable Offer for Your Poultry Business

  • PakshiMitra is happy to announce an Independence Day offer on the award-winning Raking Machine – HERO. On the occasion of the 75th Independence Day, we are glad to give you a special offer of ~30%OFF to the farmers @ just INR 67,299 47,299/- only
  • Our efforts are appreciated at different national levels. We received a grant from Govt of India under RKVY-RAFTAAR for the future development of litter management-related products. Also, we expect funding from MeitY – STPI to develop IoT-based products for poultry farmers.
  • Also, we are presenting our innovation at Poultry Tech Summit, USA. This makes us happy and more eager to spread awareness of litter management.

Some of the companies that use our products

Our products have reached 18 Indian states and 4 SAARC nations.

Improve the quality, productivity, and profit of your poultry farm/business.


How to avail of this Exclusive and Limited Special Offer?

Watch the video to find out

To avail of the offer, farmers are required to fill out the contact form below or call on our WhatsApp number +91-9220306060 to know more. Share the following details to get the special offer:

  • The farmer’s details (Name, Address)
  • AADHAAR Card
  • Video – Raking in your farm
  • Video – Why PakshiMitra HERO?

After we receive the above details on our WhatsApp no.+91-9220306060 you will get an exclusive special offer payment link.

You are also requested to share post-purchase videos of the feedback/working of the machine on the farm to receive the additional benefits:

  • Additional Cashback/Bonus of INR 2,000 for giving feedback after the purchase.
  • Additional Cashback/Bonus of INR 3,000, if the feedback is from a woman poultry farmer.


Key Points

  • The grant received from the Govt of India is for future development and spreading awareness.
  • Buying option: UPI / Bank Account

This is a limited offer only for the month of August. Offer valid on only 75 units so, hurry and get yours soon!

Investment in HERO can help you yield better Return on Investment

Watch the video to find out

PakshiMitra’s products significantly improve the profitability of your poultry business

Don’t believe us? Watch the feedback of our existing customers who trusted us

Get your own ‘HERO’ for your Poultry Farm

Rigorously tested & Certified
Designed for all types of farm/capacity
Livestock friendly, robust and safe design

Invest in PakshiMitra HERO Raking Machine for your Poultry Farm today

Invest in HERO @ just INR 67,299 47,299/- only

* Includes taxes, accessories, packing
+ Additional Cashback/Bonus of INR 2000 for giving feedback after the purchase
+ Additional Cashback/Bonus of INR 3000, if feedback is from a woman poultry farmer
+ 1-year warranty. T&C apply
+ Delivery Schedule: Within two weeks

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This is a limited offer only for the month of August. Offer valid on 75 units so, hurry and get yours soon!


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