Customer Feedback

I am a State Poultry Development and Training Center doctor. PakshiMityra raking machine completely breaks the cakes very efficiently. It mixes the litter properly. So the cost of labour is reduced. This Raking machine is very useful in poultry farming; The sound is low, and the chickens are not afraid. So I recommend taking the PakshiMitra raking machine.

CPDO, Hesaraghatta

Veterinary Doctor, Bangalore

This is a very good machine in such a way that it simplifies the raking, and even Ammonia gas is not produced. Therefore, I am satisfied with the machine result, and I would like to suggest all the poultry farmers use this machine.

Mr. Sidharth Seni

Poultry Businessman, West Bengal

I have been using a PakshiMitra racking machine for the last two years. I had no problem with racking and machine maintenance. Suguna Integration has recognized me as a star farmer for the last two years, and my farming result is A +.

Mr. Govind Mohapatra

Poultry Businessman, Odisha

I have built a new poultry farm, and many peoples said raking is painful work, so I prefer to purchase the machine. My farm litter remains free and dry even at the 35th day, with the machine getting good results. Thanks to PakshiMitra for the Best solution.

Mr. Iliyas

Poultry Businessman, Gujrat

I work as an EC farm consultant; I realised that litter management is essential in the poultry farm. So I searched about it online, got the reference for the PakshiMitra HERO raking machine, and contacted PakshiMitra. Previously, while raking manually, the litter was not becoming free, and lumps of litter remained even after raking. PakshiMitra raking machine breaks the cakes in litter very efficiently. I highly recommend this machine to all EC farmers and open-shade poultry farmers.

Mr. Harshvardhan Gaikwad

Poultry Businessman, Maharashtra