All About #welfarengineering

Making poultry farming sustainable and Profitable with a prime focus on Welfare

Our Focus

Poultry Farm Waste Management

Maintaining poultry environment and livestock welfare in good condition by monitoring and managing moisture and ammonia in the litter for Broiler and Breeder Poultry Farms. This improves productivity and health in Poultry Farms.

Brooding Management

Using IoT based technology for creating, monitoring and maintaining an ideal and comfortable environmental condition during a brooding period after placement of chicks in the poultry irrespective of outside environmental conditions.

Bird Harvesting Management

Providing the technology solution for the handling of birds with care and maintaining excellent livestock welfare during the catching process.

Our Products


Award-winning innovation that helps to perform litter raking effortlessly

  • Creates a healthy environment by reducing ammonia formation
  • Effortless and faster raking saves more than 50% time
  • Return on Investment in 4 batches*

Proudly supporting 6 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations

Ensures healthy lifestyle & improvement in welfare
Promotes women to do poultry farming for financial independence
Use of biomass to generate energy with minimal investment
Improves productivity by 40-50%
Solves 5-6 decades old problem with innovative product range

Reduces ammonia, green-house gases, water & soil contamination

PakshiMitra’s products significantly improve the profitability of your poultry business

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Some of the companies that use our products

Our products have reached 18 Indian states and 4 SAARC nations.

Start using our innovative products to see a positive impact in your poultry business.