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About PakshiMitra

The traditional raking method is labor intensive and requires too much time, cost and efforts. PakshiMitra - HERO is an electrically operated unique raking machine which solves the problem of raking efficiently.

With the help of modern technology and design, PakshiMitra - HERO is capable of reducing raking time by 75% and this can be done by a single person only.

Movable wheels and adjustable pulleys allow you to move and adjust the machine easily as per the height of the bedding (Rice Husk or Wood Saw Dust) and condition of floor (Cement or Soil). Poultry Farmers & Businessmen from more than 11 districts in India and neighboring countries in SAARC region (i.e. Bhutan & Sri Lanka) are already taking advantage of PakshiMitra - Hero. What are you waiting for? Order your machine now

Left view of PakshiMitra Hero

Key Highlights

  1. Helps to keep litter dry by managing moisture.
  2. Helps to remove ammonia significantly.
  3. Rakes faster, minimum physical efforts and low maintenance cost.
  4. Return on investment within 4 batches* – Recover your investment faster
  5. Reduces labor dependency.
  6. Free service for 1 year(T&C apply)
  7. EMI option* available. Order Now
Product Specification

Manage Litter in Poultry Efficiently

After 15 days, rake the litter daily till 40th day using PakshiMitra Raking Machine. This reduces the Ammonia & Moisture levels from the litter. It helps improve the health of birds & maintains hygiene level in your poultry farm.

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Poultry farmer raking in Poultry farm  for litter management

Key Features

Safety Switch
Safety Switch
3-Position Trolley wheels
3-Position Trolley Wheels
Waterproof connector
Waterproof Connector
Robust Gear Box
Robust Gear Box
Rust Free Roller
Rust Free Roller
Powder Coated Enclosure
Powder Coated Enclosure
Front view of PakshiMitra Hero

Why PakshiMitra

Eco-Friendly machine icon
Fuel not required
Less power consumption icon
Consumes less
electric power
rainy and winter season icon
Effective in rainy
& winter season
time icon
Reduces raking time by 75%
Safety icon
Enclosed design
safe for birds
low sound icon
Low sound
(< 30 db)
Less efforts icon
Less efforts,
Least maintenance
High income icon
High income
Improved FCR

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