Happy Customers

"I was not getting consistent average weight in every batch, effects of ammonia & moisture due to traditional raking method was the main reason for it. PakshiMitra - HERO helped me control both of them with ease. Labor is happy too, as this method is much easier and faster."

Photo of Mr. Raghavendra with Raking Machine

Mr. Raghavendra

Poultry Farm Owner,
Kolar, Karnataka

"I have been struggling to retain labor in my farm as they often run away after 3-4 months. Mostly due to hardwork in litter raking. But, since PakshiMitra’s HERO had come to farm – labor is not complaining and have stayed back with me. Thank you HERO!"

Photo of Mr. RamKumar with Raking Machine

Mr. RamKumar

Poultry Farm Owner,
Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

"Our poultry is in coastal stretch of western ghats near Arabian sea and the local weather is humid throughout the year. Monsoon becomes really tough as the moisture level goes high and hence the litter condition becomes a concern. From the day we started using this machine, I am relaxed and do not worry about ammonia / moisture at all. My labours are happy that they need not do it manually."

Dr. Archana Joshi

Livestock Development Officer,
Govt. Poultry - Pen, Maharashtra

"In rural areas of North East, poultry industry is a prime source of earning, farmers here are fed up of litter condition and raking has become painful yet unavoidable task. I got to know about this machine and instantly tried one and I must say – it works! I would like to encourage every poultry farmer / businessman in North East to experience this machine."

Mr. Surjit Ningthoujam

Poultry Entrepreneur,
Imphal, India

"I use soil floor base & coconut husk/coir as bedding in my poultry farm, raking with traditional tool often made floor uneven & damp due to its raw method. But, since I started using PakshiMitra HERO – with height adjustments given in machine I could rake properly without damaging floor. Litter condition & hygiene level has improved a lot!"

Photo of Mr. ArunKumar

Mr. ArunKumar B U

Gowda Poultry Farm,
Bangalore, Karnataka