Brooding Management

In the whole life cycle of the chicken, there are pre-defined important stages of management that influence the end result of the flock. Brooding is
the first step of management that needs to do in the first 7 to 10 days. It is a process of providing comfortable and optimum environmental
conditions to the batch of young chicks after coming directly from the hatchery to the farm. In the chick to chicken cycle first seven days after
hatching are the most important days for the flock’s development. After coming from the hatchery, the Immune system, digestive system and
thermoregulatory systems are not developed in the chicks. Effective Brooding management helps the immune, digestive, and thermoregulatory
systems of the chick develop and function properly, giving a good start to the flock performance and increasing total growth, Feed conversion,
and better uniformity.

Challenges in traditional Brooding method

  1. More time required to achieve the favourable brooding conditions
  2. Difficult to maintain the temperature uniformly and continuously
  3. Difficult to maintain the air quality properly
  4. The cost of brooding is higher due to high fuel prices
  5. Gas, Diesel brooders consume oxygen in the environment which can create a problem to the chicks
  6. Coal furnace release smoke which is dangerous to the health of chick as well as a poultry farmer
To overcome the above-stated challenges in brooding management and maintain the welfare of the birds in good condition, we at PakshiMitra
working on the WELFARE ENGINEERING by implementing IoT base Automatic smart brooding management system “i-BROOD” which can be
monitored and controlled effectively and accurately.
The Smart brooding management system i-BROOD helps farmers get real-time o/p data of the environment from the brooding region to take
corrective action immediately to avoid losses.

Operational Benefits of i-BROOD

  1. Centralize system for monitoring and Maintaining of the
    a. air quality parameters
    b. ventilation required for Quality Brooding
    c. uniform temperature at every spot 
  2. Minimize Human interference

Impact of i-BROOD:

  1. Improves the animal welfare
  2. Reduced the laborious efforts
  3. Reduce the cost of brooding management as incurred in traditional methods
  4. No fuel, no pollution
  5. Improve the first-week performance of the chicks

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