Bird Handling Automation

Bird catching or lifting is the final and foremost process in the chicken life cycle before transportation of the chicken to the market. It is the most
complex process that requires the farmer’s co-ordination, catching crew and processing plant schedule.

Challenges in current catching method

  1. Improper handling affects animal welfare which leads to damage to birds, Caracas shrinkage and mortality during transportation
  2. Highly Labor dependent process
  3. Skilled workforce required to handle the birds carefully
  4. Time require to lift the bird is higher
  5. Unhygienic process for the catching crew

In developed countries, the solution for bird handling is available, but in developing countries like India, the size of the poultry farms is small also access to these farms is not possible for large system which are used in developed countries. So, implementation of these solutions requiring higher capital investment and large working areas is not suitable for Indian farms.
As the Indian poultry industry is growing rapidly with growing consumer demand, it becomes necessary to maintain animal welfare parallelly with
satisfying the growing demand.

Benefits of Bird handling system

  1. FASTER and SAFER operation
  2. Suitable for all kinds of farm size and location
  3. Maintain animal welfare in good condition
  4. Minimum dependency on the skilled labors and Human interference

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