About us

The traditional raking method is labor intensive and requires too much time, cost and efforts. PakshiMitra is an electrically operated poultry raking machine, designed and developed by eBHARAT Poultry Technologies, Pune, India. With the help of modern technology & design our raking machine is capable of raking 10,000 sq. ft. area within an hour and this can be done by a single person itself.

Our Vision

  1. Any country to be empowered - by empowering the sons of the soils - is the surest way.
  2. We envision Poultry Farmers taking maximum yields from their farms with minimal labour dependence and financial implications.
  3. The end customers consuming the poultry products should receive the healthiest flock of chickens raised in healthy farms.
  4. Our goal is to reach each enterprising poultry farmer looking forward to raise healthy birds, irrespective of the geographical location he has.

Our Mission

  1. To address the micro challenges inside a farm, primarily – Litter Raking, disturbing Ammonia levels & Moisture contents.
  2. Reduce the dependency on manual methods and encourage use of smart mechanical assistance in the form of machines.
  3. Changing results by changing methods.
  4. Maintain the quality of output (batch of chickens) through out the year, irrespective of the season and its effect on their quality. This will be major shift in the way the industry performs.

Story of PakshiMitra

In January 2016, during a casual visit to a poultry farm, the team of eBHARAT identified the problems related to raking. To create a proper and workable solution, deep understanding of the requirements and problems was needed. For that, the team visited several other poultry farms and discussed the issues with poultry farmers and labors, industry experts, vetenary doctors, etc. On further investigation, we realised the complexity and severity of this problem.

We observed following things:-

  1. Raking is important, mandatory and everyday activity for the poultry houses to keep the litter dry and bird’s health in good condition.
  2. Raking is a labor intensive process. The old raking method is time consuming and less effective.
  3. Poulty industry has evolved in past few years, but the problem of raking is overlooked.

There were few machines developed to solve this issue. But those solutions didn't work because of the complexity of the raking process.

Old Method

After doing proper research, the team of eBHARAT Poultry Technologies decided to develop a solution that could solve the problem of raking efficiently. Under the guidance of poultry industry experts and with the help of design innovation experience of our leadership team, we developed PakshiMitra Poultry raking machine.

Since 2016, we have developed 8 different models. Each model was tried and tested under rigorous conditions. Each successive model overcame the flaws of previous model. In Januray 2017, we showcased our machine in Poultry India Expo, Nashik, we got wonderful response from all the visitors which included poultry farmers, poultry industry experts, vetenary doctors, etc. From then there was no looking back.

New Method